Sales/Marketing & Distribution

We are involved in Sales / Marketing & Distribution of Civil Engineering products viz All types of Construction Chemicals- Admixture, Waterproofing Coatings / Compound, Industrial Floor Surface, Prepacked Concrete Mortar, Concrete Repairs, Surface Treatment, Engineering Grouts, Highway Repair, Protective Coating, Sealants Unpolished/Polished Vitrified & Ceramic Tiles, Glass Mosaic, All types of Paints- Interior, Exterior, Plain, Texture & Designer, All types of Geosyntheticas

Construction Chemicals–Fairmate :

Total Solution of Building Construction Chemicals


Accelerating Plasticizers, Retarding Plasticizers, Normal & Super Plasticizers, Integral Waterproofing Compound, Fibre, Plaster Additive, Fast Setting Chemicals. It also includes Fourth generation concrete Admixtures which ensures very high slump retentions and early strength.

Waterproofing Coatings / Compound

Complete solution for water leakage by filling pores by crystallization, acrylic modified waterproofing coating, Waterproof Cementitious Screed, Insulating Polymerized Waterproof Coating, Silicone Base Waterrepellent, Fast Setting Pluging Compound for stoppage of running water EPDM rubber coating. It also includes Waterproofing membranes like APP, SBS & Self adhesive bituminous membrane of 2mm to 5mm, EPDM Membranes etc.

Industrial Floor Surface

A wide range of cementitious and resin based industrial flooring system. FAIRTOP systems are Monolithic, Metallic, Non- metallic Floor hardener for heavy to light duty floors & also ensures maintenance free industrial floor with high abrasion and chemical resistance. It also includes cementitious high performance self leveling screeds which are available in different colors. Fairscreed systems are based on various Epoxy & MMA resins to give desired performance on floor.

Prepacked Concrete Mortar

Adhesive for Granite, Tiles and Stone which are cementitious as well as resin based product, Readymix Plastering Mortar for External & Internal use available in different colors including cement grey, Tile Grouts in wide range of colors, Putty.

Concrete Repairs

Polymer Coating, Cementitious Waterproof Mortar, Epoxy Repair Putty/Screed. Water based Polymer, resin based & cementitious repair system which include micro concrete & polymer modified concrete. It also includes various types of Bonding Agent for repair of old concrete and new concrete, carbon fiber & glass fiber, retro fitting repair systems.

Engineering Grouts

A wide range of Cementitious, resin and polyurethane based engineering grouts which have non-shrink, free flow, high strength properties & Grout Admixture.

Surface Treatment

Shuttering Oil, mould release agent in concentrated & ready to use. It also includes Chemical; Wax & Resin based Curing Compound to give effective curing of the concrete.

Protective Coatings

A wide range of Protective & Decorative coating based on various epoxy, polyurethane, acrylics and vinyl ester which can be used for industrial floors, steel structures, wall for interior- exterior for protective, chemical and acid resistance and decoration.

Highway Repairs

Road Repair Mortar, Concrete & Macadam, Polymer Resin Based Mortar, Hard Wearing Screed, Fast Setting cementitious-General purpose, Large Section & self compacting road repair mortar.


Silicone, Polysulphide Sealants- Gun Grade, Pourable Grade, Crack filling compound for Envelope building for expansion and construction of joints for interiors and exterior structure.

Unpolished Vitrified Tiles – Pavits

Stretch your ingenious ideas beyond the regular mundane tiling concepts. Pavit the vitrified exterior unrectified tile rallies round the creative juices to bring out the best in your designs for Walkways, Driveways, Landscapes, Porches, Terraces, Swimming Pool Decks, Parking Areas, Building Facades, Hallways, Shopping Complexes, Multiplexes, Hotels, Lobbies, Petrol Pumps, Airports like-


Pavit tiles come in two ranges: The unrectified Pavit tiles and Granulato the rectified tiles. The unrectified Pavit tiles are available in three different sizes, offering fourteen magnificent colours in a single finish. A fascinating combination of square and rectangle is visible in one of the rectangular tiles range. Granulato the rectified range is obtainable in two rectified sizes and six colours, known across the world as salt & pepper series. So let your application imagination flow to areas like driveways, parking bays, walk ways, garages, balconies, roof tops, pool sides & corridors, lift fascia etc.


Building Facades


Porche Sitout







The rectified format catches the customer's eyes in eight alluring finishes and five awe-inspiring colours, offering cost effective solutions to the discerning customers.


Swimming Pool Decks




Terrene is a concept where nature fuses with the technology, disagreeing ends of the scale, wherein the deficiencies of the natural stone are avoided without compromising on the looks.


Swimming Pool Decks




Pavicrete is a result of focused research for the ever strenuous industrial flooring & cladding. Handpicked non-terreous clay from a single mine furnishes that extra strength to Pavicrete and much needed acid and alkali resistance


Automobile Plant

Chemical Factory

Railway Station


Buildings & structures are constantly battling with moisture & pollutants across the world creating havoc on the facades & exterior walls. To combat this disastrous phenomenon builders and architects abroad sought refuge in the use of small format vitrified tiles, leading to beautiful and well maintained surfaces.

Building Façade

Compound Walls


Glass Mosaic–Italia

The leading source for glass mosaics, featuring largest range of unique styles for Outdoor places like Railway & Bus stations, Airports, Swimming Pools, Elevation, Bathrooms, Pillars, Borders, Exterior Corridors, Kitchen, Living Room etc. ITALIA is synonymous with beauty, affordability and innovation in the glass mosaic industry with Designs.


Swimming Pool Decks



Ceramic & Vitrified Tiles

The leading source for glass mosaics, featuring largest range of unique styles for Outdoor places like Railway & Bus stations, Airports, Swimming Pools, Elevation, Bathrooms, Pillars, Borders, Exterior Corridors, Kitchen, Living Room etc. ITALIA is synonymous with beauty, affordability and innovation in the glass mosaic industry with Designs.

Paints - Acro

All kinds of Interiors & Exterior, Plain, Texture & Designers Paints

Exterior Paints

Coating for Exterior Walls & Tiles

Interior Paints

Coating for Interior Walls & Ceiling

Texture Paints

Textured Wall Finishes

Designer Paints


Geo Textile Bags

Use for flood control in Irrigation Department, made of appropriate geotextiles of high strength engineered fabric with customized dimension and filled with sand or any suitable soil.