About Asmy Realty

We are a real estate company that offers Residential Flats and Real Estate Services to individuals. Some of their real estate services include leasing, property management, maintenance, landscaping, and security. We consist of an accomplished team of experienced professionals in key positions. The Company will continue to acquire and develop quality properties based on realistic values for its own investment affiliates, as well as its joint venture partners.

Once properties are acquired or developed, the Company will provide all of the adjunct services, skills and systems necessary to maintain each property to the highest standards of quality, to achieve the greatest operating efficiencies and, finally, to realize the highest profit performance.

Our Mission is :
• To make the buying and selling of real estate as cost effective as possible while maintaining the highest level of service.
• To provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate advice. • To continually explore new ideas and technology, to make the selling and buying of real estate faster, less costly, and easier.
• To be the leading real estate and homeowner Service Company in Lucknow, always exceeding our customers’ expectations.